Poem 1 (Collection 3)

Why have you come back to haunt me?
Look how my tiny heart quivers in aching for you!
No, no, no ,
I don’t want you leaving footprints
on my dreams.
No, no, no,
don’t go away.
Don’t stay.
Don’t ask me what you want me to say.
I’m just a messy head
with a foolish heart who is
locked up within the white walls of this
mad house,
waiting for thoughts of you to
woo my madness
and make me sane again.

Image: Watercolor rendition of photo from internet

Poem 48

Memories of you and me
Soon lost to distance and time

Time has numbed me
You seem so far

Far and distant like the skies
I can touch but not reach
Do I know you?
Do you know me?

Let’s turn and walk away
Until we meet again

*Image: Watercolor rendition of a photo found on internet

Poem 77

Life is like a leather bound book
which I neither chose to write in or read from.
There was a day when you were a dream distance away from me,
but today you are a distant dream –
an irony I discovered in the tunnels of reality.

Dawn and Dusk entwined as one by fingers of an illusion;
I fought the piercing stares of a waxing moon,
while the clouds tore at my silence
and the stars muffled my screams.
Death at last weaves me to myself.
My hand remained motionless,
the pen scribbled a story;
the story was you –
the other side of me,
my soul.

*Image: Watercolor rendition of a photo found on internet

Poem 89

Light years of loneliness dissolved into the abyss of love,
changed the grey shades of my rainbow to a hundred million colors;
lustful waters hit at the rocks that lay idle on the shores of my existence…

The ways of man seemed stranger as I tried to fathom my passions,
philosophies I mastered failed to open gateways.
The quintessence of this novel experience silhouettes my reality –
a reality which is the residue of memories forgotten.

*Image: Watercolor rendition of a photo found on internet

Poem 11

I look at the roads as I head home in a bus;
I’m reminded of the tequila shots.
I can feel your neatly shaven face in my head.
My hand searches for yours but returns empty.

I have saved your smell on my dress that stays hidden in my cupboard
I remember…

My eyes trail your nonexistent footsteps
I remember the dark night – the moon our only excusable company
– naked and laughing,
we lived that moment.
Life felt complete!

I pass by wild lotus flowers.
I can’t help but think about the 110 kph ride.

Now everything is stagnant
just like the memories of you that I cling to.

The breeze brushes off the ache.

I don’t love you,
I don’t hate you,
I only miss you.
You amaze me.

*Image: Watercolor rendition of photograph by Adriano Sodre

Poem 63

Pentagons and circles
Daggers and talismans
Candles and herbs
Scented oils and silk
Wands and crystals
Red roses and sunlight caressed water
A waxing moon and intense desires
I cast a spell
Seal it with a kiss
And toss it in the air
The elements will bring my love
Back to me.

*Image: Water color rendition of photograph by Magic Owen