Poem 28

Stay a little longer;
let’s freeze the moment.

May be stargaze or
make a wish with eyes shut tight,
whisper sweet nothings.

I’ll cook you a meal;
we could watch a movie.

I’ll be your muse;
you could click me a few photographs.

Sing our favourite songs
in our own hoarse voices
or shake a leg, maybe?

I could tell you jokes or
read to you excerpts from modern philosophy;
share a drink
and laugh about the nuances of life.

I have known you across the
vast sands of time,
shared a million light years with you.
Transcending lifetimes
I reached you…
A jiffy is all it took!
And a jiffy is all it will take.

Would you dream with me some more?
Would you stay just another night?

You and I are meant to be,
only delayed by a few lifetimes…

Look at the dream bubbles;
they float around
unaware that you are leaving.

Am I to undo these memories by myself?
Am I the only one in this conversation?

Do me a favour as you leave-
shoot me in the heart and
end it all.

*Image Courtesy: Painting by Yvan Favre


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