A Tale from a Dream

“Do you dream in colors?”, he asked me.

“I could, if the brain allowed. But then colors are distracting to the thought process. I think we understand life better in monotone. Perhaps, that is why our dreams are devoid of colors.

Last night I had a dream. I was in a dim-lit studio and there was a woman I had to photograph. A white semi-transparent cloth was carelessly wrapped around her, revealing her shoulder and her chest. She was sensual and I had to remind myself that I was a photographer and I shouldn’t feel this way. Those cherry red lips, the brown strands of hair trespassing the boundaries of her face, the lazy strokes of blush – what a beautiful woman, I thought. I didn’t want to smoke to ease my tension. It would be inappropriate to do so in her presence. To distract myself, I looked out at a rather dark sky and thought about the woman who was lying still, posing, waiting for me to capture a side of her, on my camera, that no other person will ever see again.

I then saw what was astronomically impossible – the sun diagonally hanging next to a waxing moon! It was more beautiful than my muse. Her lips, the blush, and all the poetry drained out of my mind as I watched the sun kiss the moon. I grabbed my camera to get a shot of it. I had the best lens and yet I couldn’t get the frame right. The scene faded, so did the dream, leaving me to think while I was still asleep…”

He looked on at me, as I continued, “The sun kissed the moon! Such attraction is against the laws of nature. Look at us. We too are creations of nature. How then could this attraction that stems from nature’s creation, be against nature itself? Why then can’t the sun and moon rise and set together? Why do they have to wait for years to be eclipsed?”

He nodded and said, “The sun and moon always coexisted. They were never apart. The moon was there when the sun rose. The sun was there when the moon rose. It is our disillusion that makes us perceive them as being separated. It is the disillusioned world around us that perceives you and me differently. We are perfect in nature’s creation and in love. It is a beautiful dream.”

“Yes, it is a beautiful dream”, I added.

*Image: Rendition of photography by Elena de Palacio


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