Poem 11

I look at the roads as I head home in a bus;
I’m reminded of the tequila shots.
I can feel your neatly shaven face in my head.
My hand searches for yours but returns empty.

I have saved your smell on my dress that stays hidden in my cupboard
I remember…

My eyes trail your nonexistent footsteps
I remember the dark night – the moon our only excusable company
– naked and laughing,
we lived that moment.
Life felt complete!

I pass by wild lotus flowers.
I can’t help but think about the 110 kph ride.

Now everything is stagnant
just like the memories of you that I cling to.

The breeze brushes off the ache.

I don’t love you,
I don’t hate you,
I only miss you.
You amaze me.

*Image: Watercolor rendition of photograph by Adriano Sodre


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