A Tale of a Park Bench

And I thought about the day I met him and how, weeks later, I was swept off my feet. I remember the day when I reached close to his ears to talk to him at a noisy party and he bent close to my face and kissed me. I still remember the taste of his lips.

Whiskey. Bitter. I remember the first kiss. Smooth.

I remember thinking to myself at that moment I have found love and decided I wanted to be selfish and keep it all to myself.

It was autumn and the trees were shedding, but it was still spring in my heart where love was endlessly blossoming. I watched the red and golden leaves drift from the branches and fall around all over the ground making a carpet for the visitors at the park. I spotted him sitting on the edge of a rusty bench in the park, a little impatient, bent forward, his hand thrusting his body’s weight on his knees, looking at his phone. Even from that distance, I knew he was looking at a picture of the two of us. It showed in the way he blushed uncaring for what the evening strollers or joggers might think of him. Such was his devotion to us. I thought to myself, Thank you Lord for the happiness that has taken form and is seated on that park bench. I could have stood there forever watching him but I didn’t have forever. So I stomped out of that thought and walked towards him.

He looked up at me in a way that said you are late but it doesn’t matter now that you are here and I want to embrace the whole of you. I jump-sat next to him for such was my excitement – an excitement that pulsates at the temples and sends shivers to the tips of the fingers.

I knitted my fingers with his and asked him, “Let’s talk about love?”

“Love? What of it?”, he smiled.

“Is love relative?”, I asked.

“It shouldn’t be, but it is”, he sighed.

“How so? Tell me. I want to know”, I pressed.

“Love is the reason the world came to be and continues to exist. It is the reason why you and I have found each other. It is the reason why time stands still. It is the reason why hope and faith hold their ground. It is the reason why knowing well that you were standing at a distance and watching me sitting here waiting for you, I didn’t turn around and catch you in your little acts of pleasure.”, he winked and continued, “Love is constant and the only language that the universe understands. But man has assumed it otherwise. He uses love as a bait to satisfy his ego. And thus makes it relative”, he completed.

“I know what you’re saying. Can it never change?” I enquired.

“You know it better than me. Don’t you?”, he said and kissed me on my forehead as I blushed and melted in his love.


2 thoughts on “A Tale of a Park Bench

  1. Ganesh Bill says:

    “It’s only in the mysterious equation of love that any logic or reasons can be found” –John Nash. A quote from one of my favorite movies. Graceful write-up. Gracias to that! 🙂


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