Poem 16 (Collection 3)

I have a box of
broken and misspelled words
scattered and waiting to be
fixed and rearranged.
Here, take them,
arrange them into a meaningful sentence,
and when you are almost done,
I want to know –

whether you would curl up into a question mark,
straighten up into an exclamation,
just roll into a period,
stoop a little into a comma,
stretch into a semicolon.

How would you punctuate this sentence?

How would you punctuate me?


2 thoughts on “Poem 16 (Collection 3)

  1. Maverick Prem says:

    With a sentence in mind,

    In the questions
    I shall know
    In the exclamations
    I shall wonder
    In the period
    I shall strive
    In the comma
    I shall continue
    In the semicolon
    I shall thrive

    In the end
    I will hold
    The sentence structure
    That I’ve just made
    Feeling the punctuations
    With my life
    Slipping the memories
    With my dreams
    Only to realize
    that I have fallen in love

    With the sentence in hand.


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