Poem 17 (Collection 3)

Please forgive me.

I have no reasons to offer,
no answers to give
about what I intend to do to you.
I may leave nicks and cuts
on your heart,
occasionally bruise your soul,
often caressing them with poetry.
I may tear you into shreds
and then
stitch every piece of you back together.
I may taunt you with silent smiles
and then
tease you with devilish winks.
I may wear a halo and then
haunt you with my ghosts.
I may walk into your room in fine lace
and then
make love to your bones.
I won’t be easy.
I may be your nightmare inside your dreams.
I will pinch you with words
and then
tickle you with the same words.
I will ruin you in ways unimaginable.
You won’t be good enough for any other
That is what I will do to you.
I will ruin you
for me;

for I love you so.


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