Poem 21 (Collection 3)

Whiskey-flavoured confessions where it all began,
sun-kissed red roses that sat at the writing desk,
a drop of sweat that fell on parched lips when we made love,
monstrous wrath that burned sweet love to ashes,
fragrant candles that waited by the bedside,
fear that anchored itself to wandering thoughts,
the scent of sex that was picked up on a Saturday morning,
shredded pages of melancholic poetry dropped off in the trash,
fingers that slid in between the legs,
conversations that dragged a past which didn’t exist,
drinks that are washed down to welcome sleep,
rouge that lay idle till the night ended,
a moment of rest on comforting shoulders,
flashes of anger that blinded the eyes and
bruised the breath,
tears that streamed down without purpose,
deserted hands that turned cold and blue,
photographs that are saved in monotone,
cities that created new memories over old scars,
prayers that were sent up at the blessed altar…

I’m being readied for a heartbreak.

A Tale of _____

They made love like cultured social animals and fell apart exhausted on the bed, panting, and looking at the fan that was humming and running in circles. They turned to face each other and as though matching each other’s thoughts, they clasped in a quiet thump.

Dreamy, fatigued, eyes closed, she could hear his heart pace down. She noted how her heart followed suit. He kissed her on her cheek, breaking her thought and her lips into a smile.

“Don’t let the smile allure me to kiss you again”, he teased her.

“The kiss has served its purpose. My smile will ask no more,” she answered.

He let out a happy sigh and asked, “Do you know that when a man kisses a woman on her cheek, it means that he has surrendered himself to her? To love? It’s like his first kiss to the first woman in his life – his mother. A love in all its innocence. That’s how he loves the woman he holds in his arms now.”

“Is this the part where I say, ‘I love you too’?” she mused, “It’s been a while since I told you so.”

“You’ve been away for a while,” he offered.

“You’ve kept me away for a while,” she taunted.

“That’s what you’ve been thinking for a while,” he reasoned.

“That’s how you’ve been making me think for a while,” she finished and then started to say something.

In that lapsing moment, she wanted to tell him how much she missed him all these days but she stopped herself and let a tear spill silently and unnoticed into the pillow.

She missed calling him ‘Chakku’…