January 28

I once knew a little boy who loved to doodle and took care to add as much details to his visual stories. Every time I went to see him, I bought him a new and different pack of colours and drawing sheets. He would start off excitedly on one of those white sheets, but after a few minutes he would trail off on the floor. I would patiently guide him back to his little canvas and he would trail back to the floor. I would religiously wipe and clean them off but it never stopped the little boy from ruining the tiled floors. You will sometimes meet people who are like the little boy. They will love you but in ways that will dirty your heart. They will do to you things that will destroy your heart. To them, they are only making art, beautiful art. And no matter how much or hard you try, they will do what they did. Until, you stop worrying about the floor or start walking them out the door. 


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