February 6

When in love, we come across two kinds of people. The first kind are those that love deeply to their very bones, as if the universe would stop breathing if they loved any less. Each kiss is savage like it’s their last. They will desire you with every pulsing beat of their heart. They will find magic in your eyes. When they are around, your knees will not want to buckle. You can fall back and they will catch you. Every single time. You will know you’re in the safest hands. They will not tempt you to test them but to trust them. They almost seem like the ideal lover that exist in mythical stories. As much a rarity, if you try hard enough, they will find you. And when they do, you know what to do.

And then there are others—the second kind. They don’t love you but love the illusion of being in love with you. Nothing is ever real to them, the words they whisper in your ear nor the promises they scream from mountaintops. They will love the idea of you but not you. They are always suspicious that you will pull off their façade or strip them off their illusion. They will see you through thick lenses of fear and abandonment. They will suck you into their illusionary space. It is usually too late before you can pull yourself out of that misery. They will be your most favourite lover and your worst nightmare. And when you find such a lover, you know what to do. 


2 thoughts on “February 6

  1. Damien says:

    There are other kinds of people who do all the creative works when they are alone. But they leave aside everything when they are actually in love. I have never seen these two go together. Love keeps changing its shapes.

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