February 7

There was once a man who in his younger days desired a beautiful woman. The universe saw what he wanted and decided to mould him and prepare him for a life with her. He often dreamed of her, that beautiful woman whom he saw walk past him on a Sunday morning. He could never forget her. Somehow and unknowingly she had left a deep impression on him and he, from the very moment that he had laid eyes on her, knew that she was the one for him. Little did he know that it will be the last of her that he will see in a long time. Years went by, he grew older, became well-established, built a little house overlooking the sea, met other women but his heart was only with her. He began to curse that wretched day he saw her and wished he did not have to suffer the agony of not knowing who or where she was from. How did someone just magically disappear for years together? Oh, if only he could turn back time and confess his love for her! But days went by and he began to drown himself in misery and alcohol.

One fine day, he woke up from a bad night of excessive liquor and looked at himself in the mirror. He appeared pale, older than his age, his shirt dangling loose around his body—he saw a man who was wasted. He was furious at the woman and at the gods and muttered imprecations under his alcohol breath. He was denied the only thing he had ever asked for—to love. The gods had surely made a mockery of it. Fuming, he decided to clean up his act and move on. He shaved, bathed, picked out the best clothes, dressed, and stepped out into the morning sun. He would be a different man from now on, he decided. Right at that moment, he saw the same woman, the same beautiful woman, stop by at a florist right next to his house.

We often think that life is unfair and that we are being unjustly dealt the cards of fate. But when we desire something with all our heart, the universe wants to be sure that that is what we want. The ways of the universe are never the same as man’s. And the real test comes, when you see the light of the day when you can seize your wish, your desire, that beautiful woman, and have to make a choice.

That man’s heart was a little too small to welcome the love of that woman, for hers was one of many magnitudes. The universe knew that the man had to be prepared, he had to see the worst to learn perseverance, to wait so he can learn patience, to accept the fact that love cannot be willed like a magician’s act. After all, the universe was giving him its best and it is only fair that he be worthy of it, of love.

When he saw her there, it was his moment, he had a choice. But he let out a sigh, hung her head, and walked away from the florist, from his heart’s greatest desire. This time, the universe surely knew that man was more arrogant than what he was created to be.


5 thoughts on “February 7

  1. Mandie Hines says:

    I knew based on the lengths of your recent pieces that something bigger was coming. I almost commented on it the other day, asking if you were aware that your pieces were growing in size. I thought I’d wait and see what happened next. I have to admit, even though I saw a trend, this was longer than even I was expecting today. Looking forward to what comes next in your writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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