February 21

Once in a lifetime, we will meet someone with whom we will come together in the most unlikely of ways. We often wait looking out our window, looking for that someone to find us or walk straight into our house and heart. Many moons come and go, many suns rise and set, our life sees many seasons and people, but it is never that someone. We want that storm to take over our heart, rattle our soul, and instil an intense flame inside our chest that will burn on forever. If we are lucky, love will happen the way we imagine it to be.

But most often love comes at a time when we least expect it to. It could be the time when we are crying over a heartbreak, or standing with our friends at a local coffee shop, sitting by the staircase reading a book, fixing the fence, or joking about the window where we waited relentlessly for the sound of love. Just when we are about to look away, love will come and perch itself by the window sill, sing from its kitchen, race up the staircase chasing its dog or walk past that same local coffee shop. It wasn’t how we expected to meet love so we brush it aside as a trivial moment. We wanted lightning to strike through our windows and pierce our hearts but here it is running, walking, smelling, singing and unknown of our existence.

Something changes after that trivial moment, that first time. Something takes over our senses and our sanity. We want that something. We want that love to stick. And if we are just as lucky, it may stay a little longer than we expected it to. And you, my darling, you are my once in a lifetime love.

(Image Courtest: Snowing by Jovana Rikalo)


3 thoughts on “February 21

  1. Niyaz says:

    … And sometimes the wait is much longer than expected. The hope of love, unlike other ‘hopes’, makes him weaker with time. His thoughts and emotions starts to entangle him again. Will he be able to love with all the heart, like he loved before? Will love turn him into the same monster, like it did before? Love is all he wanted, but can he love?
    He waited for that fairy who would love and heal him. He knew it didn’t exist.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    The desire to love becomes a barrier for the love itself. Best thing to do would be to stop searching for love, and it will come to you on its own. Mind creates barrier whereas heart has no boundary. Our human mind has already started to connect these two. Pity thing.

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