February 23

“How do you know if a writer is in love with you?” I hurried.

“It’s easy,” he waved the question away.

“Tell me!” I insisted. It was almost a scream.

“Read what she writes,” he said.

“She writes stories. How does that tell me anything?” I retorted.

“A writer crafts her stories inspired by the things and people around her, by the things and people she loves. And when she loves you, she cannot see a picture, a scene, a moment without you. She will find a way to give you a place in every story she scripts, even if it were as small a place as a single word. In her stories, you may not always be the hero who saves the day. You may be a moment you two shared, a place you two visited, a memory you two recount often, your passion, your favourite drink, your moods, your temper, your hatred, your love—it may be anything that is you. If you look close enough, everything she writes will have a hidden imprint of you, like a secret code that only you can decrypt. And knowing those parts of her writing is the way to appreciate it, to know that you are loved enough to be perennially in the thoughts of someone who confesses her love in ink,” he finished.


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