March 4

She looked out the little window on her right and watched the clouds swim in the blue sky. She was flying out to a city that was known for its history and controversies. She had always dreamed of uncovering the stories and secrets of that city with him—hand in hand, walking through the busy streets where small vendors shouted their wares to people who walked around aimlessly, exploring the century-old palaces and forts, sitting on that infamous bench beneath the white marbled arch, and freezing that moment forever in her polaroid camera. She had often seen pictures of that bench in magazines, travel guides, and newspapers and had always imagined sitting next to him there. 

As she sat on the lonely seat of the flight that day, she thought of him and wondered if he would tell her stories of his childhood spent in that very city. She couldn’t help but hope that he was thinking of her too, aching to be with her. And then a thought occured to her—perhaps the busy streets and narrow lanes filled with colourful shops and cheerful people, the magnificent white palace and monuments weren’t meant for them. Perhaps, they were meant to be in a place above the clouds, floating over these cities and not touching ground. They were meant to fly and soar high just like their hearts in love. In moments like these, he was missed most. 


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