March 17

A scary thought often crossed his mind—what if he wasn’t good enough for her?

But little did he know that, to her, he was a lot more than he thought of himself. To her, he was her favourite conversation, the best part of her day, her last glass of wine, her favourite piece of art, the hidden story in her poetry, her morning alarm… the list was never-ending like the bottomless sea.

A scary thought often crossed her mind—what if he never knew what he meant to her.


2 thoughts on “March 17

  1. Mandie Hines says:

    Lovely piece today. It’s an interesting point you open up with, there’s this idea that we must be perfect for someone or they must have some level of perfection for us. Although I believe that there’s someone who’s perfect for us, that’s not to say that they are perfect. I think they are the person who evenly balances us out. They have strength where we have weakness, and we have strength where they do not.

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