May 9

I will find it in the broken sounds of the rain,
in the summer scented skies,
in the glittering stars of the night,
in the crushed pieces of my bones,
in the endless lengths of my deep blue veins,
in the tattered and bruised corners of my heart,
somewhere within my ribs,
I will find love again.
I promise.

May 6

She wanted to be a winged creature
and soar over the oceans,
and longed to touch the skies but
little did she know that she could fly
if only she spread her wings and took flight.

April 23

Love is a sad song,
sadder than a weeping willow,
most often haunting and
dissolving people into distant memories.
Sometimes a severed melody of
an abandoned harp
or the hymn of the grey seas
that never see the sun.

Love is sad song,
sadder than the rhythm of a fractured heart.

April 21

She watched the city lights come alive
as she rode away
into a dampened evening—
a day of waiting and longing had gone by,
she dreaded the night that would fall
as she wondered,
couldn’t he have loved her
in the passing moment of a